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Only a small fraction of the original mintage of Morgan silver dollars exist today in uncirculated condition. This is hardly enough to satisfy the tremendous demand of collectors. Contact Stephen Seeley Rare Coins to learn how to make one yours.


With so few of these beautiful coins available today, take advantage of this opportunity to own uncirculated silver dollars. The majority of surviving coins have had their value diminished through the wear of circulation.

Trust the value of Morgan silver dollars

Learn about the Great Silver Melts

  • 1918 - The Pittman Act caused 270,332,722 silver dollars to be melted in order to be converted into silver bullion.

  • 1942 - Over 50 million silver dollars were melted in order to divert the bullion to wartime uses due to the World War II Silver Act.

  • 1980 - More silver dollars were lost to melting when the price of silver jumped to over $50 per ounce. The exact total of dollars lost is unknown

  • Other coins may have been lost to theft, fires, conversion to jewelry, and loss.

  • Badly worn or damaged coins may also have been melted down or simply lost to time.

Read about why Morgan silver dollars are so scarce.

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