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A coin's true rarity is the most reliable measurement of its value. Come to Stephen Seeley Rare Coins to get your questions about coin rarity answered. With a high demand and limited supply, you can count on rare coins to be a reliable way to diversify your portfolio. Take advantage of the beginning of a bull market cycle.


For a number of reasons, coins minted from 1795 to 1933 are considered rare. For highly educated answers to all of your coin questions, trust our 35 years of experience.

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Understand the values of rarity

  • Performance - Rare coins have a proven track record of performance, being more reliably profitable than any other investment.

  • Supply - With a fixed supply limited to the original mintage, coins never suffer from an unseen fluctuation in supply.

  • Demand - There is a growing demand from investors competing for the remaining limited supply of coins, causing their value to increase.

  • Low cost - Rare coins are an amazing investment for any level of investor.

  • Liquidity - Demand for rare coins outstrips supply with a recommended holding time of 3 to 5 years. No other asset is as easily sold as rare coins thanks to the countless dealers supporting the market.

  • Inflation hedge - Prepare for a resurgence of inflation due to massive budget and trade deficits. Numismatic appreciation has surpassed inflation for over two decades.

  • Profit - The opportunity to profit from rare coins is incomparable in the investment market.

  • Storage - Without a need for any type of special treatment, coins are an easy and inexpensive investment option.

  • Tax advantage - Unlike other investments, rare coin profits are not taxed yearly, only after you collect your profits.

  • Privacy - There are no reporting requirements for numismatic purchases, rendering them much more confidential than the trade of bullion or other investments.

  • Protection - "Confiscation Power" is still in effect, meaning that unlike other types of privately held gold, coins are exempt from confiscation requirements.

  • Safety - Rare coins are a top-rated investment.

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